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Reasons to Schedule Tucson Tree Removal Services

Trees enhance a landscape with beauty, color, and visual contrast. They also help shade homes, which can reduce your cooling bill in the summer. However, there are certain situations that call for Tucson tree removal services. It’s always best to hire a certified arborist to take care of your tree removal needs, as trying to do it yourself can be dangerous. Plus, if you have a diseased tree, a certified arborist may be able to save it if you would like to keep it on your property.
Schedule Tucson tree removal for dead trees.
  One of the most common reasons for scheduling a tree removal service in Tucson is to get rid of dead trees. Trees have an expected lifespan that varies widely depending on the species. For example, the Alaska red cedar can live an incredible 3,500 years! On the other hand, palms may live only about 50 years, and a desert willow might live for 50 to 75 years. Unfortunately, trees don’t always last as long as their average lifespan.


It’s necessary to remove dead trees because they pose a serious risk to your property. Over time, the dead tree will lose its strength and its ability to continue staying upright. In particular, storm damage can severely weaken it. A dead tree can fall over on your house, vehicles, or even on people or pets. It’s best to err on the side of caution and remove it before it becomes a problem.


Request tree removal for trees that are at risk of falling over.


As mentioned, dead trees are at a high risk of falling over. However, even live trees can topple over under the right circumstances. There are many problems that can put a tree at risk of toppling, including pest infestation, disease, malnutrition, old age, and improper planting conditions. Poor soil and damage caused by construction are other potential problems. In addition, some trees simply have shallow, poorly developed root systems. These weak root systems can’t adequately anchor the tree in place. Lastly, the Southwestern desert region is prone to flash floods, and flooding is another possible cause of premature tree toppling.


So how can you tell if your tree is about to fall over? If you notice any of the following issues, it’s definitely time to call for Tucson tree removal services:


  • Multiple dead branches that fall off: This is the tree’s self-shedding method—an attempt to make itself smaller to reduce its need for nourishment.
  • Cavity in the trunk: A tree that is shedding its branches may also form a hole or cavity in the trunk. This is particularly alarming if the area around the cavity appears to be decaying.
  • Cankers: Cankers are patches of missing bark.
  • Deep cracks: Deep cracks on the trunk can make the tree much weaker.


In addition, a tree may fall over soon if the root system and base of the trunk begins to rot. It can be difficult to determine if the roots are rotting, given that they are covered in soil. However, the presence of mushrooms and other fungi around the base of the tree can indicate rotting wood.


Call a certified arborist if you have a diseased tree.


Not all diseased trees require removal. In fact, a certified arborist can often treat tree diseases successfully. However, you should have an arborist evaluate the tree to determine whether it can be saved or whether it requires removal. It’s best not to wait too long to schedule an appointment, as plant diseases can spread to other trees on your property. Take a look at the following signs of tree diseases and infestations:


  • Seeping fluid that streaks down the bark of the trunk
  • Fungal growths
  • Peeling bark
  • Black flowers or shoots (fire blight)
  • Yellowish or brownish leaves
  • Powdery mildew on leaves


In addition, watch out for possible signs of insect infestations. For example, you might notice that the leaves have small holes in them. Alternatively, they might develop irregularly jagged edges. Lastly, puckered, distorted foliage is a potential sign of aphids, whereas stippled, dull foliage can indicate mites.


Contact a Tucson tree removal company for storm damage.


Tucson is no stranger to severe storms during the monsoon season. After each heavy storm, take a walk around your property to assess your trees for damage. Pay particular attention to the trees that are close to your home, shed, fence, or other structures, as well as the power lines. It’s a good idea to call an arborist out to assess your trees if they are affected by storm damage.


In many cases, an arborist may simply need to remove some damaged branches. However, the arborist will likely recommend cutting down severely damaged trees. This is especially true if the tree has sustained trunk damage, shows signs of tipping over, or is threatening the structures on your property.


Schedule Tucson tree removal services for stumps.


Lastly, another good reason to schedule Tucson tree removal services is to address the presence of unsightly stumps. No one wants dead tree stumps on their property! They adversely affect curb appeal and may even lower the property value of your home. Furthermore, tree stumps will begin to rot and attract pests. These can then spread to other trees on your property. It’s best to have a landscaper remove the stump promptly.


For all of your Tucson tree removal needs, you can turn to the trusted pros at Action Yard & Tree Services. Our certified arborist also provides tree pruning, crown reduction, and tree planting services, along with care of diseased trees. You can get in touch with our friendly team in Tucson by calling (520) 829-4791.