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Irrigation System Installation

An irrigation system installation is the ideal solution for residential and commercial landscapes in Southern Arizona. It allows for precision watering that allows plants to thrive while reducing waste and conserving resources. With an irrigation system at your property in Tucson, you can look forward to reduced water bills and an eco-friendly home or business! Action Yard & Tree Services looks forward to meeting you and helping you choose the type of irrigation system that will work best for your property and plants. We also offer irrigation repairs.

Types of Irrigation Systems

There are several different types of irrigation systems. Some of the most commonly used systems that Action Yard and Tree Services installs in the Tucson area include the following:

  • Above-ground sprinkler system: This system features sprinklers and spray heads that sit permanently on or above ground level. While the upfront investment is minimal, this system tends to waste more water than other more efficient systems.
  • Underground sprinkler system: This is similar to the above-ground sprinkler system, except that the sprinkler heads connect to underground pipes that distribute water. In-ground sprinkler systems often have advanced features, such as automated timers and rain sensors.
  • Drip irrigation: This system uses a hose or tube with intermittent holes to distribute water. Drip irrigation systems are often the preferred method for Arizonians, as they minimize water loss due to evaporation and wind. Because they distribute water directly to the base of the plants, the leaves won’t get wet. This minimizes the potential for plant diseases.

The Irrigation System Installation Process

At Action Yard and Tree Services, we want you to be completely satisfied with your new irrigation system. That’s why we take the time to do a thorough consultation. The process starts with a visit to your property. We’ll chat about your preferences and budget, and do a full evaluation of your irrigation needs, including precise measurements.

After the consult, we’ll plan your custom irrigation system. Once you approve the design and cost, we’ll schedule your system installation for a time that works best for you. If your system requires digging, we’ll do so in a manner that causes the least disruption to your existing landscape.

If you would like to schedule an irrigation system installation in Tucson, or if you have any questions about your upcoming appointment, please give us a call at (520) 829-4791. Action Yard and Tree Services looks forward to helping you enjoy a beautiful and water-efficient landscape for your home or business!