Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

A beautiful landscape can often look as though it was put together effortlessly. Yet, every well-designed and expertly installed landscape is based on in-depth knowledge and skills that you’ll only find in a professional landscaper. There are many landscaping mistakes to avoid that homeowners and commercial property owners have trouble with. When you work with a professional landscaping company, you’ll never have to worry about the making the following mistakes.


Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid: Ignoring Your Climate


Among the most common landscaping mistakes to avoid is neglecting to consider the climate when planning the landscape design. In the arid Southwest, landscapers typically recommend using xeriscaping techniques. A xeriscape is a landscape that thrives in drought conditions because it features native plants that have evolved to grow in this region.


By carefully selecting trees, shrubs, and other plants that do well under a harsh sun and with little rainfall, property owners can do their part to protect their environment. The xeriscaping technique will also help control the property owner’s water bill.


Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid: Scalping the Grass


Scalping the grass refers to cutting the lawn too short. Homeowners often make this mistake because they prefer not to have to mow the lawn every weekend. While this is certainly an understandable goal, scalping the grass can compromise its health and integrity. The grass will be less resilient, especially during droughts, and it will be more susceptible to invasive weeds.


The ideal height of your grass depends on the exact species you’ve chosen. For example, annual rye grass should be trimmed to two to 2.5 inches. If you’re unsure of how short to cut your lawn, consult your landscaper. And if you simply lack the time to cut your grass every week, consider arranging for landscaping maintenance services.


Another option is to install synthetic turf. Modern artificial grass is quite life-like and natural-looking, making it a great choice for homeowners and commercial property owners who prefer a low-maintenance option. Additionally, synthetic turf will help you trim your water bill.


Another Landscaping Mistake: Only Using Horizontal Space


A landscape is a three-dimensional space, yet many property owners only optimize their use of their horizontal space. In order to add greater variety and aesthetic appeal, it’s necessary to also use the vertical space by installing plantings of varying heights. A professional landscaper will design your space so that it utilizes many different height levels, such as tall trees, shorter trees, shrubs, and low-lying ground coverings, including flowering plants.


Introducing hardscaping elements to the outdoor space is another great way to maximize your use of its vertical space. A decorative fence, trellis, raised planters, retaining wall, or even a vertical garden installation can all bring greater visual interest to your property.


Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid: Failing to Evaluate the Soil


More landscaping mistakes to avoid concern the soil. It’s absolutely necessary to evaluate the soil on your property prior to planting anything. Arizona properties can feature a range of soil types. In particular, property owners often find a high clay content, which gives the ground greater alkalinity. Another common soil type is called Casa Grande. This particular soil is quite low in nutrients.


A skilled landscaper can accurately test your soil to determine whether it needs any soil amendments, and if so, which ones and in which quantities. Landscapers often determine that the soil requires the addition of organic matter, as most soils in this region are quite low in organic matter. In fact, only about 1% of the soil in Arizona consists of organic matter. Compost, aged manure, peat moss, and mulches are examples of soil amendments that add organic matter to the soil.


Another Common Mistake: Designing Exclusively for the Exterior View


Landscapes are meant to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, many property owners forget that landscapes can be enjoyed from both the interior and exterior of the home. When designing your landscape, bear in mind that you’ll often view it from within your home. It should be aesthetically pleasing from all angles.


For example, you might enjoy looking out over wildflower beds while you’re working in the kitchen or reading in your living room. When you hire a professional landscaper, be sure to let them know from which window you’ll most often look out over your landscape. They can design and install your plantings so that your most frequently used windows offer a spectacular view.


When you partner with Action Yard & Tree Services, you can avoid making all of these landscaping mistakes. Our experienced professionals will work with you to make your vision for your outdoor living space become reality. We’ll consider your preferences and aesthetic style before designing a landscape that makes yours a truly one of a kind property. Contact our office in Tucson at (520) 829-4791 to request a landscaping design consultation or our other landscaping services.