Tree Planting Tucson

Tree Planting



The Arizona summers can be harsh, but when you have beautiful trees in your yard, you can enjoy time outside in the shade. Trees can also add color to your property and attract native wildlife. Of course, it’s important to make sure any trees you add to your yard are planted using the right techniques and in the best area for long-term growth. Action Yard and Tree Service offers landscape consultation and tree planting services in Tucson and the surrounding areas.

Landscape Consultation

There are several important factors to consider when it comes to adding trees to your property. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional before moving forward with tree planting. When you get in touch with Action Yard and Tree Service, we can help you determine what trees will best meet your needs and expectations. For example, if you are mostly concerned with adding shade to your yard, we’ll help you select trees that will grow quickly and develop a wide canopy. If you have a pool and want to minimize the amount of debris that ends up in it, we can recommend trees that won’t drop many leaves or flowers.

In addition to helping you choose what types of trees to plant, we can also recommend the best areas in which to plant them. We’ll help you consider the layout of your property, the expected growth of each tree species, and your current landscaping. We can also check the positioning of sewer and electrical lines to ensure that we cause no damage during the planting process.

Tree Planting

Once you have selected your trees and the right place for them on your property, the next step will be to plant them in the ground. While this might seem like a straightforward task, there are actually several factors to consider. When you work with Action Yard and Tree Service, our team will be able to check the drainage in the planting area and take any necessary steps to ensure that the soil is ready to support the trees. We can also stake your new trees properly to keep them upright while encouraging healthy growth. Finally, we’ll add mulch around the newly planted trees to help them become established in their new locations.

Are you ready to add shade, color, and beauty to your yard with new trees? Let Action Yard and Tree Service guide you through this process. We strive to ensure the health of the trees we plant and the satisfaction of our clients. To schedule tree planting in Tucson, give us a call at (520) 829-4791.