Tree Service in Tucson


tree services in Tucson

Trees can add a lot to your property, from cooling shade to increased privacy. However, they can also cause problems without appropriate tree care and maintenance. The good news is that you can rely on Action Yard and Tree Service for expert tree service in Tucson. Continue reading for a closer look at our Tucson tree services.

tree trimming

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is essential for keeping your trees healthy, beautiful, and safe. Whether you have branches overhanging your roof or simply need to correct lopsided growth, you can count on the experts at Action Yard and Tree Service in Tucson. With guidance from our certified arborist, our staff can trim your trees in a way that encourages healthy, attractive growth and prevents safety concerns and property damage due to unstable branches.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction

If you are concerned that one of the trees on your property has grown too large, you may want to consider scheduling crown reduction services. This type of tree trimming service is used to reduce the height and size of the tree. It is also an effective way to maintain the tree’s proper shape as it grows. Whether you need to schedule crown reduction services to comply with HOA policies, prevent a tree from overhanging your neighbor’s yard, or simply because you want to control the growth of a tree, we’re ready to help.

tree care

Tree Care

Unfortunately, it’s possible for trees to be struck by fungal and bacterial infections. If left untreated, these infections can hinder the growth of a tree or even cause it to die. If you notice that a tree in your yard seems to be declining in health, get in touch with Action Yard and Tree Service. We’ll send an expert out to evaluate your tree and offer advice about the best steps to take to restore the tree to health or remove it safely from your property.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

There’s a lot more to cutting down a tree than simply yelling “timber!” If you try to remove a tree yourself, you could end up causing major damage to your own property or that of a neighbor. You could also end up injuring yourself. Instead of taking those risks, turn to Action Yard and Tree Service in Tucson for reliable tree removal. We’ll safely cut down the tree and remove it from your property for you.

Vista Pruning

Tree Planting

Do you want to add new trees to your landscaping, but aren’t sure where to put them or how to plant them successfully? When you work with Action Yard and Tree Service, you can count on our tree experts. We’ll help you determine the ideal place for each new tree, and then plant it for you so that it can grow and thrive for years to come.