5 Signs You Need Irrigation Repair

Southwestern Arizona is a beautiful place to live, yet it has its challenges. One of the most significant challenges is the dry, arid nature of the desert. In order to conserve water, homeowners and business owners often opt to install irrigation systems on their property. Although irrigation systems are effective at conserving this finite resource, they are susceptible to breaking down from time to time. Watch out for the following warning signs that you need a landscaping professional to perform irrigation repair in Tucson.


Schedule irrigation repair in Tucson if you notice the loss of water pressure.


When landscaping professionals install an irrigation system, one of the issues they check is the water pressure. It’s essential for an irrigation system to receive exactly the right amount of water pressure. If the pressure is too high, the components of the irrigation system will be susceptible to premature damage from wear and tear. On the other hand, if the pressure is too low, your landscape will receive an insufficient amount of water.


The loss of water pressure is definitely a top reason to call for irrigation repair in Tucson. The professional will first check the control valves and regulators to determine if they are malfunctioning. If those components are working fine, the problem is likely the irrigation pipes. These pipes can become damaged or moved out of place as the ground settles or tree roots grow into the pipes. As a result, you’re likely to notice the loss of water pressure.


Request irrigation repair services if you notice uneven watering.


The purpose of an irrigation system is to deliver the exact amount of water needed for plants to thrive. If you’ve populated your landscape with trees, shrubs, and other plants that are native to desert regions, then your irrigation system won’t need to deliver huge volumes of water. So, it can be unsettling to notice pools of water accumulating throughout the property. Call for irrigation repair in Tucson if you notice this, or if you’ve observed that parts of your landscape are too dry. This typically indicates that one or more components are malfunctioning.


Schedule an evaluation if your water bill fluctuates.


Water is a highly valued commodity in the desert, and Tucson residents typically keep a close eye on their water bill. Installing an irrigation system is one effective way to reduce your monthly water bill. However, if your system is malfunctioning, you may notice that your water bill suddenly skyrockets. If so, and assuming that you haven’t had houseguests using up a lot of water, it’s time to request an appointment for irrigation repair in Tucson.


Request repair services for dripping control valves.


One convenient feature of most modern irrigation systems is the ability to create different watering zones in your landscape. By creating different zones, the system is capable of shuttling more water to high-need plants and less water to plants that are more tolerant of drought conditions. The control valves are responsible for administering zoned watering. Opening or closing these valves allows for the careful regulation of water flow. In addition, you can program these valves to have more frequent watering or longer duration watering, as well as higher or lower water pressure, depending on the needs of the landscape.


It’s a good idea to periodically walk around your landscape and check the irrigation system for signs of damage. In particular, pay close attention to the control valves. They should not be leaking or dripping water. In addition, you shouldn’t see damp ground around the pressure regulators. If you do see these issues, you can check the valves for signs that they are obstructed by dirt, grass clippings, or other yard debris. Clear away the debris if that’s the case. Otherwise, call a professional landscaper to request irrigation repair services.


Call the landscaping company for sprinkler head problems.


The sprinkler heads are responsible for distributing water to the intended destination. If you notice that the sprinkler heads are sputtering or “coughing,” it’s possible they will need to be repaired or replaced. First, however, you can check whether yard debris could be clogging these components. If so, clear it out and then observe the sprinkler heads in action to see if that solved the problem. Another possible cause is that the sprinkler heads have developed cracks or chips due to wear and tear. If that’s the case, the sprinkler heads will likely need to be replaced.


Irrigation repair in Tucson is one of our specialties here at Action Yard & Tree Services. We service and repair all types of residential and commercial irrigation systems, including drip irrigation, underground irrigation, and above-ground irrigation systems. And if you need a new system altogether, we’ll be happy to design and install that for you promptly. Get in touch with our team by calling (520) 829-4791 today!