Cactus Removal


While cacti may be an essential part of life in the Southwest, they can also become a problem. Popular species, such as barrel cactus, prickly pear cactus, and saguaro cactus, can easily grow to be much larger than expected. Once that happens, it may be necessary to remove them from your property. However, removing cacti can be a difficult and even hazardous job. That’s why you should call Action Yard and Tree Service. We have the experience and resources that are needed to ensure that your cactus removal goes as quickly and safely as possible!

Why Is Cactus Removal Necessary?

It’s easy to see why many property owners want to have cactus in their yard. However, some cacti⁠—such as saguaros⁠—tend to grow very large in landscaped yards. This is especially true if you have a yard that uses an irrigation system. In fact, some cacti will grow so large that their roots will no longer support them. If you have ever seen a saguaro cactus leaning to one side, this was likely the reason. Unfortunately, this also means that a cactus can eventually come crashing to the ground.

A saguaro cactus can also become sick as a result of a bacterial or fungal infection. In many cases, you may not even realize the cactus is sick until it is too late to save it. In the meantime, however, the cactus’s stability will be undermined.

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This can result in an extremely dangerous situation. If the cactus topples over, it can cause harm to anyone in its path. It can also cause damage to your desert landscaping. In addition, you’ll have to remove the fallen cactus from your yard. In other words, you should call for professional cactus removal as soon as you have reason to believe that you will need it. If you’d like to learn more about our services, get in touch with Action Yard and Tree Service today.

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