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When Should I Schedule an Irrigation Inspection?

If you have an irrigation system in your yard, you may be wondering when you need to schedule an irrigation inspection. Irrigation systems are essential for many Tucson homeowners who want to enjoy a healthy lawn, prolific vegetable garden, or other landscaping features. However, irrigation systems can develop issues from time to time. If these issues go unaddressed, you could find yourself facing a flooded yard, water damage, and high water bills. Continue reading to discover when you should schedule an irrigation inspection for your Tucson property.

Have you recently purchased a home with a sprinkler system? If so, this is a great time to schedule an irrigation inspection. It’s possible that the previous owners neglected to schedule regular sprinkler maintenance and repairs. There may also be changes that you’d like to make to the irrigation system to better fit your landscaping goals. Scheduling a professional irrigation audit will ensure that you can be made aware of any issues with the irrigation and schedule sprinkler repairs or updates in a timely manner.

When You Notice a Leak

If you are able to visibly detect an irrigation leak, then it’s essential that you schedule an inspection as soon as possible. If a broken sprinkler or irrigation line goes unrepaired, you could inadvertently flood your yard. This could cause damage to hardscaping elements, furniture, and other objects in that area of your yard. You may also end up overwatering and killing any plants in that section of your landscaping. A broken irrigation system will also waste water needlessly, which is harmful and expensive in the desert environment of Arizona.

When Your Water Bills Jump without Explanation

While many irrigation leaks have obvious signs, some are more subtle. Have you noticed that your water bills have recently increased without explanation? This is a common sign of a leak, which could be located in your irrigation system. In this case, it’s advisable to schedule an irrigation inspection so that a specialist can visit your property and check each part of your irrigation system for damage.

In the Late Winter or Early Spring

Generally, it’s ideal to schedule regular irrigation inspections, even if you aren’t currently worried about a leak. That way, if any part of your irrigation system is worn out or damaged, it can be replaced before further damage occurs. In particular, freezing temperatures can cause issues with your sprinkler system. We recommend that you schedule an irrigation audit in the late winter or early spring—in other words, after the last freeze of the season, but before you begin using your irrigation system that year.

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