Tree Services

Tree Service in Tucson: When to Schedule an Appointment

There are a lot of compelling reasons to schedule tree service in Tucson. By treating your trees to routine attention from a certified arborist, you’re ensuring that they stay as healthy as possible. A Tucson tree service appointment can also take care of any potential safety hazards regarding the tree, such as broken limbs and storm damage.

Trees are beautiful additions to any landscape. However, they can sometimes pose safety hazards when they get too tall. If your tree is near your home or commercial building, you may start to worry about it falling on your roof during a violent thunderstorm. In addition, curbing the growth of a tree can help prevent a mature tree from eventually failing due to torsional cracks (caused by the twisting of branches).

If you’re worried that your tree might be getting too tall, you ask a certified arborist to assess it. The arborist may recommend a crown reduction. This is a specialized trimming method that preserves the fullness and shape of the tree, while curbing its height. Only a certified arborist can perform crown reduction safely without harming the tree.

When You’ve Noticed Signs of Disease

A tree affected by a fungal infection or pest infestation can often have a hard time fighting this problem on its own. Eventually, the tree may lose the battle and die. You should call for tree service in Tucson before the disease advances this far. Otherwise, the tree may cause property damage or injuries when it falls. Watch out for the following signs of disease and infestations:

  • Black shoots and flowers (an indicator of fire blight)
  • Unusual fluid seeping from the tree
  • Out-of-season leaf discoloration
  • Premature leaf defoliation
  • Fungal growth on the bark
  • Holes, cracks, or dents in the trunk
  • Fungal growths jutting out from the base of the trunk
  • Peeling bark
  • Brown or yellow leaves

As you can see, there are a wide variety of diseases and infestations that can affect trees. A certified arborist can thoroughly evaluate your tree, provide an accurate diagnosis, and explain what the best course of action is.

When Your Tree Poses a Safety Hazard

Although trees are graceful features on your landscape, they can sometimes pose a safety hazard. For example, storm damage to branches may cause those branches to fall on people, cars, or buildings. They will need to be trimmed before an accident happens. In addition, it’s best to trim back low-growing branches that jut out into the space around a walkway or other high-traffic area.

Another common problem involves trees that grow close to roadways. If there is too much lateral growth too close to the road, it may negatively affect the field of vision of drivers. This is especially true when a tree grows near an intersection, or a driveway or parking lot entrance. If you’re having trouble seeing around the foliage when you pull out of a driveway onto the road, it’s definitely time to schedule an appointment for tree service in Tucson.

When You Notice Signs of Storm Damage

Tucson is blessed with many sunny days throughout the year. Unfortunately, there are also quite a lot of sudden storms during monsoon season. Lightning, hail, and strong winds can inflict significant damage on a tree. If lightning has directly struck a tree on your property or if strong winds have damaged its branches, you should call a certified arborist out to take a look at it. It may be necessary to remove the tree altogether.

When You Need to Remove a Tree

In addition to removing trees that are affected by severe storm damage, there are other reasons why you might need to get rid of them. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common reasons to schedule a tree removal:

  • The tree is dead or dying.
  • There are too many leaves, needles, or seedpods dropping from the tree into a nearby pool.
  • The tree is leaning toward structures or a driveway.
  • You would like to remove the tree to unblock a view.
  • The tree’s roots are posing a threat to the building’s foundation.
  • The tree is on property that is being developed for new construction.
  • Too many trees were planted too close together and the arborist needs to address the overcrowding.
When You’d Like to Plant a New Tree

Although certified arborists do often need to trim or remove trees, they can also assist property owners with planting new trees. Planting a new tree can be a dirty job that requires a great deal of digging. However, this is just one reason why a certified arborist should take care of the job for you. Consider the following steps an arborist will take:

  • Advise on ideal tree selection
  • Check for an ideal location, considering sunlight and drainage requirements
  • Check for sewer and electrical lines before digging
  • Dig the hole and plant the tree ensuring the root ball is positioned properly
  • Stake, mulch, and water the tree to encourage rapid growth

The in-house, certified arborist at Action Yard & Tree Services is available to take care of all of your tree-related needs! From tree trimming and crown reduction to tree removal and new plantings, we can do it all! For affordable and high-quality tree service in Tucson, give us a call today at (520) 829-4791.