Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction



When you have a tree that is getting too tall, you might think that it simply requires straightforward pruning that any landscaper can provide. However, this is simply not the case. In fact, having your tree pruned to reduce its height by just anyone can result in health problems for the tree, unsightly future growth, and a host of other issues. Instead of risking these problems, get in touch with Action Yard and Tree Service to schedule crown reduction. With this service, you can ensure that your tree’s height is reduced in the correct way, keeping the tree healthy and beautiful.

What Is Crown Reduction?

Crown reduction is a pruning method that allows landscapers to control the size and growth of a tree. During this procedure, branches are trimmed back to a point where they have lateral growth, or a side branch. The branches are not cut back to the point where the branch emerges from the tree’s trunk. In this way, the height of the tree is reduced, but the overall shape and fullness of the tree are preserved.

When Is Crown Reduction Necessary?

There may be a variety of reasons why you want to schedule crown reduction services. You may live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association that sets limits on the maximum height of trees. If you were to let your trees grow without trimming, you could face citations and fines from your HOA. It’s also possible that a tree may begin to grow in a dangerous manner, such as over a roof or into a power line. If a tree grows too tall, it may also be in danger of toppling over; scheduling crown reduction to reduce its height will help keep your home, your family, and any neighboring properties safe.

How Does Crown Reduction Differ from Tree Topping?

When you are researching the different tree trimming services available in Tucson, you may hear about tree topping. This may be advertised as an option for reducing a tree’s height. However, tree topping is not the ideal option for controlling the growth of a tree that you’d like to keep on your property. With this type of pruning, branches are trimmed close to the trunk of the tree. In fact, the trunk itself may also be cut. This leaves the tree vulnerable to infections and pests, and also results in less visually appealing growth in the future. In general, tree topping should only be used as a precursor to tree removal.

How Can I Schedule Crown Reduction in Tucson?

At Action Yard and Tree Service, we’re proud to provide safe and effective tree trimming services, including crown reduction in Tucson. Our staff includes a certified arborist. Thus, we can always ensure that pruning is done in the best way to preserve a tree’s health and beauty. For more information, give us a call at (520) 829-4791.