Tree Care in Tucson, AZ

Tree Care



When you have beautiful, healthy trees on your Tucson property, you can enjoy the shade, color, and wildlife that they bring. Unfortunately, it’s possible for trees to be damaged by a number of natural elements. If you’ve noticed that a tree on your property is damaged or appears to be ailing, it’s time to schedule tree care in Tucson, AZ, from Action Yard and Tree Service. Our in-house certified arborist will be able to evaluate your tree and offer recommendations to treat the problem and save the tree. Here’s a look at some common issues our tree care services can address:

Storm Damage

Southern Arizona is known for its powerful summertime storms during monsoon season. The area also tends to get a fair amount of rain and storm activity throughout the winter. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Tucson trees frequently suffer from storm damage. If you’ve noticed that a tree on your property has a broken limb, damaged trunk, or unstable structure after a storm, schedule tree care services immediately. With prompt attention, your landscaping company will be able to assess the damage and provide a solution to give your tree the best chance of recovery. If left untreated, storm damage can result in health problems for your tree, as well as property damage if a limb—or the entire tree itself—were to fall.

Fungal or Bacterial Infections

There are a variety of fungi and bacteria that can affect trees. If a tree on your property becomes infected and the infection goes untreated, it can cause severe damage to the tree. An infection could even result in the death of a tree. In addition, the infection may spread to other trees in your landscaping, causing widespread damage. You can help to prevent these issues by scheduling tree care in Tucson, AZ, at the first sign of an infection. Symptoms of tree infections include black spots on leaves, curled or wilted leaves, cankers and other bark damage, and dying branches.

Pest Infestations

You may think of termites as the only major pest that might attack wood. In fact, there are a range of insects that can infest a living tree and cause severe damage. In the Sonoran desert, borers are a common source of tree damage. Some borers, such as flatheaded borers, take advantage of already damaged trees. Other borers, like Palo Verde borers, target the roots of specific trees and can actually kill an otherwise healthy tree. There are also several types of insects that feed on the foliage of trees . These pests can cause major issues for young, growing trees. These include thrips, aphids, and whiteflies.

When you need tree care in Tucson, there’s one landscaping company that you can always turn to: Action Yard and Tree Service. To schedule a tree care appointment, call us at (520) 829-4791.