Landscape Maintenance



landscape maintenance in tucson, az

After you have your dream landscaping installed in your yard, it’s time to sit back and relax in your new, beautiful surroundings. However, you can’t simply ignore your landscaping and assume it’ll continue to look great as the months pass. Instead, you’ll need to schedule regular landscape maintenance services. When you work with Action Yard and Tree Service, you can count on getting effective and reliable landscape maintenance in Tucson.

Why Do You Need Landscape Maintenance in Tucson?

What could go wrong if you were to leave your landscape unattended? Your yard would soon become filled with weeds. Overgrown tree branches could put your roof, car, and other property at risk. Your lawn may struggle through the different seasons, and your irrigation system may begin to break down. Avoid these issues and keep your property looking beautiful with affordance landscape maintenance in Tucson from Action Yard and Tree Service.

Landscape Maintenance Services We Offer

Tree Services

At Action Yard and Tree Service, we keep a certified arborist on staff to ensure that we can provide the best tree services in Tucson. We offer tree trimming, crown reduction, and tree removal services. We can also help with sick and damaged trees, or assist you in adding new trees to your landscaping.

Irrigation Services

If there’s a problem with your irrigation system, the plants that you carefully chose for your landscaping could suffer. Avoid issues with overwatering or underwatering by having your irrigation system inspected on a yearly basis. In addition to adding new irrigation to your landscape, Action Yard and Tree Service can audit your current irrigation system and make any necessary repairs.

Lawn Services

If you’ve included sod as part of your landscaping, you’ll want to be sure to schedule seasonal landscape maintenance in Tucson to keep your lawn looking great. Fertilizing, aerating, and seeding are among the maintenance services we can offer for your lawn. If you’d prefer a more water-friendly approach, we can install easy-to-maintain artificial turf in your yard.

Weed Control Services

Weeds are a common problem here in Tucson. While there are measures that we can take to help control weeds, such as adding weed-proof fabric to your landscaping or spraying a pre-emergent weed treatment, it’s still important to schedule regular weed control services. This will keep your yard from becoming overrun with weeds, which could upset your neighbors and put you at risk of HOA citations. Weeds can also cause problems with your landscaping by using water that would otherwise go to the plants you actually want in your yard.