How do you care for a mesquite tree

If you have mesquite trees in your yard, your number one care concern should be learning how to water them

Mesquite trees need the most water in the first two months of their growing season, and then less afterward

Try adding a few inches of mulch over the wet area to keep things moist. This will also keep weeds away

Don’t water your mesquite tree again until the soil around it is completely dry

The only reason your mesquite tree needs fertilizer is in extreme soil conditions

If the soil is lacking in nutrition, you might need to supplement it

The first time you prune a mesquite tree should be when it’s dormant

Mesquite trees grow throughout the spring and summer, but winter is a time of stagnance

If your mesquite tree needs an annual pruning appointment or it’s showing signs of distress, get in touch with the experts