Tucson Irrigation

Tucson Irrigation

System Installation

The desert can be an inhospitable place for imported plant life, but native species thrive here. Yet, even native plants need a little help getting enough water throughout the year. Regardless of the types of plants your landscape features, they can benefit from a custom irrigation system. At Action Yard and Tree Services, our landscape experts have extensive experience designing, installing, and repairing irrigation systems in Tucson, AZ to help plant life flourish. It’s our business to make your home or business look beautiful!

Benefits of Irrigation System Installation

Water is a precious natural resource, and here in the desert region, Arizonians understand the importance of not wasting it. Irrigation systems allow you to precisely target the flow of water so that it only goes where it’s supposed to. At Action Yard and Tree Services, our customers typically decide to have an irrigation system installed at their Tucson-area home or business for any of the following reasons:

  • It’s convenient: Are you constantly forgetting to water the plants? Do you have trouble finding the time to unwind the hose or carry a watering can around your property? An irrigation system is the solution!
  • It’s environmentally friendly: Countless gallons of water are wasted each year on watering bare soil. With an irrigation system, the water goes directly to the plants, so there’s no wasted water.
  • It’s cost-effective: Are you tired of paying sky-high water bills each month? At Action Yard and Tree Services, we can recommend the most water-efficient irrigation system for you, enabling you to cut your water bill while preserving your beautiful landscape!
  • It’s precise: A constant concern of gardeners in Arizona is whether they water their plants too much or not enough. We can program your irrigation system to deliver exactly the right amount of water to your plants!

Best Practices in Irrigation in Tucson

Even if you have our team install the most efficient system available, it’s still a good idea to follow best practices for irrigating landscapes in the Tucson area. We recommend using a deep watering schedule. A shallow watering schedule, which involves watering the plants lightly every other day or so, encourages the plants to develop shallow root systems. This makes them more vulnerable to drought and heat stress, and so they will require ever more frequent watering.

In contrast, a deep watering schedule involves watering less frequently, but with greater volume. By letting the water penetrate the soil deeply, you will encourage your plants to develop deep root systems, enabling them to thrive in all sorts of conditions. Other smart tips for using your irrigation system are as follows:

  • Irrigate during the early mornings to reduce water loss through evaporation.
  • Use an automatic irrigation timer.
  • Establish new plants during the cooler months of the year (they’ll need less water to get started).

And don’t forget to call our team right away if you notice that your irrigation system needs repairs!

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